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"Fast, detailed, articulate sound"

Edwards Audio TT1

(Zephir C200 MM Cartridge included)

599 €

British made award winning turntable

"For vinyl enthusiasts desiring a high-end phono stage but on a restricted budget"

Edwards Audio MC1

399 €

MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

"If you want an inexpensive turntable that punches well above its weight this is a contender"

Edwards Apprentice TT

(Zephir C100 MM Cartridge included)

399 €

British made award winning turntable

"This brings out the lovely floaty rhythm of the song, something that some phono preamps
with an extra zero on the end of their price tag struggle to come even close to matching"

Edwards Apprentice MM

129 €

MM Phono Preamplifier

"Good sense of detailing, well-integrated bass and midrange, solid build"

Edwards Audio - Talk 3

5 €/m

Speaker Cable

Lichidare de stoc PHONAR AKUSTIK



Incinte acustice PHONAR Credo Reference (cu DSP activ)*

* produs expus in SHOWROOM

pret de lista 11.000 €/pereche

pret nou 5.499 €/pereche

Vienna Acoustics Mastersound Edwards Audio Bassocontinuo
Densen Myryad Music Hall Phonar
Toate preturile cuprinse in acest site includ TVA si se calculeaza in lei la cursul de referinta al B.N.R.
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